The hCG diet is an important and imperative part of your weight loss protocol.

Deviation from the diet can lead to less satisfactory results.

1. Remember to follow the dietary directions explicitly.
2. Find your statistically normal weight for your sex, height and age. (see the links on the homepage sidebar) (this will be your goal)
3. Follow the food recommendations listed in the hCG Diet page.

1. Do not take thyroid medication during the hCG + Diet protocol.
Those persons who have been taking thyroid medication may notice less results than those not taking it.
2.Do not take diuretic medications or herbal diuretics during the hCG + Diet protocol.
3. Do not go on the diet if you have any other health concerns or are on medications without consulting a health professional.
4. Do not go on the hCG diet if you are unsure or unfamiliar with restricted calorie diets.
5. Do not go on the hCG diet protocol if you are pregnant or nursing.

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